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About Us

Premier Cars offers everyone a chance to drive and own a vehicle. We also help those struggling to pay their vehicle installments by finding qualified buyers to take over their installments.
We have a Lease agreement which the owner signs, potential buyers can Buy or Lease the vehicle over a specified time. All vehicles are sold with a minimum deposit equal to the installment or lease fee, before delivery of the vehicle the deposit and the first month installment will be paid. The deposit will be used as a risk deposit and will not be paid to the owner neither will the risk deposit be subtracted from the contract.
Premier Cars undertakes an agreement with the owner and the buyer, the buyer will be paying via debit order to Premier Cars and Premier Cars will be paying the owner also via Debit order. The owner will send monthly statements to Premier Cars to confirm the payment was made either to a third party or the person(s) specified on the lease agreement.
In case of non payment by the buyer, the car will be repossessed by Premier Cars and resold to another potential buyer. Premier Cars will continue paying for the vehicle until sold. All potential buyers are pre-approved by Premier Cars.
The Insurance can either be kept on the owners name or can be transferred to our business insurance. The buyer will pay for the monthly Lease or Payment together with the insurance premium. In case of an accident the claim will be handled by the insured party, but the exes’ fee will be paid by the Lessee. In a case where the car is written off the car will be settled by the insurance company to the third part or the person specified on the lease agreement.
We currently have a 97% success rate with buyers, 32% higher than other financial institutions.